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Artist and Owner of Smudge Monkey Studio.

“Creating Visual Bliss For Your Ocular Orbs”

Established in 2005.

Living to create, so I may create for a living.

Providing Original Works, Custom & Digital Works for those that appreciate Art.

Being an artist it is difficult not to see the world around me

as something to build on, I am feverishly creating whenever I am able,

weather it is a paid gig or not. 

Always finding a way to grow beyond my prior limits,

I am always looking for new ways to grow.

As Smudge Monkey Studio continues along it's road of creative growth

an venture for success please remember I am 

100% fan funded so your continued support, matters greatly

as you follow along with my illustrative adventures.

* For a calendar of upcoming events and more

info on future happenings with Smudge Monkey Studio

visit the EVENTS page.

All right that's it, be free go explore ;)

Much love my Smudge Monkians!


- Shed light day and night for the sheltered one's to gain sight -


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